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The Battle of Stamford Bridge

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The Battle

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  Stamford by Peter Nicolai Arbo


The Battle in Literature

Below are accounts of the Battle of Stamford Bridge from Snorri Sturlusson's Heimskingla and The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle.




UK Battlefield Trust Stamford Bridge Page

Good if brief page on the battle, with a fine collection of pictures of the field as it now stands as well as some excellent maps.


Badass of the Week: The Viking at Stamford Bridge

Ahistorical, of course--but funny in the fashion of, say, Penny Arcade.


Kelly DeVries' The Norwegian Invasion of England, 1066 (review)

Probably the best book on Harald's last campaign and the battle.



Time Commanders: Battle of Stamford Bridge. Here are all five parts. It's this kind of thing that made me a professional Anglophile; they are a curious people.


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