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Viking Women: Evolution through Literature into Current Culture

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Examples of how Viking Women are translated into current culture


YouTube plugin error      This is a ten minute video that depicts Wonder Woman beating the Viking Queen (sorry if I ruined it for you)


     What interests me about this video is how the "Viking Queen" is shown. She is a burly woman,

     much larger than our beloved Wonder Woman. She is wearing a fur-lined bikini and boot which 

     seems to be all the rage for Viking women characters. She is wearing a horned helmet which,

     I'm sorry, Vikings did not wear. This video is a representation of a very stereotypical picture of

     how we understand Viking women today.













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     This is a very funny video warning those who aren't used to Viking women how they will

     act if you take them out to dinner. The very attractive girl seems completely normal until

     the course comes, which appears to be half a head of a lamb/sheep. Still appearing very

     attractive, she starts biting at the head and pulling at the skin with her front teeth then

     proceeds to suck the eye between her lips at the bewilderment of her date. She finishes

     off the show with a nice burp.


     Other than being quite funny this video shows another stereotype of how we envision

     Viking women. She is very attractive but then begins to act brutish and vulgar, which

     feeds into the idea of Viking women being extremely hard to tame. 










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      One of the most famous Viking women movies is Viking Women and the Sea Serpent

      where a group of women go out looking for their men who haven't returned home.

      Their boat gets washed ashore where a select few of the more attractive women are

      captured by the same people who have their men.


      I love this clip because it shows everything we love about the idea of "Viking Women."

      A Prince gets seperated from the group and has a boar on his tail. He acts as if the

      pig could seriously injure him, but in come the calvary! A very attractive busty blonde

      comes sweepy in on her faithful steed and skewers the boar, saving the Prince. So not

      only do Viking Women know how to take care of wild animals, they don't need "Prince

      Charming." The woman saves the Prince and it could only be accomplished by a

      strong, untamed, beautiful woman...a Viking!







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