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The Littlest Viking

Page history last edited by Groa Madhawk 10 years, 5 months ago


Here is my trial page.


And here is a picture of a young Viking warrior.

Picture of a Baby Viking


This is a beautiful rendering of Sigurd the Volsung in his youth.


Note the historical accuracy; neither Viking raiders nor Norsemen in general had horned helmets.


The ice is symbolic of the harsh terrain and cold climate of the Scandinavian landscape upon which the saga takes place. Sigurd smiles because he is still young, and doom and woe have not yet befallen him; yet he has one hand behind his back, in a gesture of Viking defiance, that he will take on his foes against all odds and enjoy it. Notice that even at a young age, his hand is red with blood, for Vikings often began slaying at an early age.


The black gloved hand above his head is the hand of Regin the smith, but it is also symbolic of doom. Regin, with his wiles, first instigated Sigurd to go after the dragon, thus setting him on his dark path; the hand is black, symbolic of fate, death, and sorrow; the hand is also disembodied, symbolic of the inescapable, impersonal, and chaotic nature of doom as it is presented in Norse mythology.

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