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Page history last edited by James Arrick 10 years, 9 months ago

This is to test some things before I get serious.

The Project Outline



         Historical overview:

·      Pre-settlement to settlement: Irish Monk Settlers, and Nordic Visitors

o   Brendon voyage, Tim Severine. 1-2 pages

o   Some references to Ingólfur Arnarson and Hjörleifr Hróðmarsson , Landnáma and (    ) 2-3 pages

·      Civil Construct:

o   Research from secondary or tertiary sources. Pictures 1 page

o   Examples from classroom reading., Hrafnikel’s saga Egil’s saga. 2-3 pages

o   Art: the novel

·      Farming: What they can and cannot farm

o   What they can farm and grow 2 pages

o   What they need to trade for and where 2 pages

o   Who they are trading what with. 1 page

·      Trade: Where are they trading

o   Why they are going where they are going. 2 pages

o   How they get there 1 page

·      Modern day Iceland

o   Population demographic comparison. 1 page

o   Modern day Culture and Art: Hemia 2-3

§  Example of fishing factory that went out of business in two years. 1 page

o   Comparison with other countries.

§  The Spirit of Iceland is the father of the spirit of the Americas. 3 pages

Overview, as it stands without editing: 25 – 21 pages




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