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Interview with Ravenwolf the Odinist

Page history last edited by Geirrod the Ruthless 14 years, 7 months ago

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While I am leary of anyone asking too many questions at times, I will answer your questions as best I can. Bear in mind that there are many folks who have diffrent approaches to Odinism. You woul dbe wise to study the diffrences of universalist and Folkish Odinism.

Check this link out: http://www.odinic-rite.org/Folkish.htm This from the Odinic Rite site, and it may provide you with some more information. I have a hearty distaste for new age interlopers in to our faith. While I keep an open mind, I do not wish to hear of hidden masters and the hodge podge of buffet style belief systems that one may pick and choose wiccan or other beliefs to branch onto Odinism. Mind you, I have celtic ancestry and believe in the celtic beliefs and lore of that part of my ancestry as well. I do not buy the Gerald Gardner or Margaret Murray brand of explanation of our ancestral practices. I do not buy the Golden Dawn explanation of our ancestors. I do believe that what is in the Eddas and what we may know of our ancestors from extant writtings and lore.

1. What does Odinism mean to you? 

Odinism is my folk faith. It is literially in my DNA. I believe that we are descended from from our gods. They are a part of us, and we are a part of them. I have ancestry that goes to the lineages as do many. This is not unique. I believe that all of our people are descended from our gods. So, what does Odinism mean to me? IT is my very essence as well as my folk and faith. Odin breahed the breath of life into humanity and we retain that breath. This is my personal opinion. Mine alone, though others share this belief as well, some do not.

2. What do Odinists believe?

We believe in the religion of our ancestors. We believe in the Northern Pantheon that we find in our lore and the Eddas. We believe we are a folk that are inheirntly connected to our folk faith. We believe that All may come to Odinism if they so choose, but that Odin claims his own. I believe all should look at their own roots and ancestry to connect to the folk faiths of their ancestors. For myself, this is easy. I am Northern European most exclusiviely, so here is where I look to draw upon my ancestral roots and beliefs. While there are universal motifs that corss various cultures and folk, I believe we are most connected to our own folk and folk faith. Here then is where our gods reside. I had looekd at Native American religions when younger, but found that in essence, though I might practice a belief, it is not the essence of my folk or faith. You may do as you wish, but I believe to ignore your own ancestry and folk faith is not wise. Anyone may be adopted so to speak into a faith, but the essence of our fiath as I believe being in our DNA makes us predisposed to our folk faith. Others may disagree. I am not a universalist. If you are studying the faith, you may wish to draw this distinction as noted. I believe as an Odinist in the real presence and reality of my Gods and Goddeses. Some believe these to be archetypes. I do not. This is my personal belief. I believe the Gods and Goddeses ae as they are presented in the lore. I have to question those that call themselves Odinist and do not believe the pantheon exists as a realtiy, only an archetype. 

3. What role do the Viking Sagas play in your belief (if any)? 

I have copies of the Eddas, and the writings of our ancestors, I have found great wisdom and enjoyment int heir reading. Note, that we muct keep in mind that some of what we have now has been heavily influenced by translation of Christian s preserving the lore, and that there are many interprutations and variations that exist. For the purist, it would be prudent to learn the language of the ancestors and read the lore in the original language they are written in. On the other hand, we must keep in mind who wrote the transcriptions. That said, there are many acceptable translations of the lore one may find translated and foot noted for the curious.

4. Do you belong to an Odinist (or other pagan) church? How do you fellowship with other Odinists?

I do not belong to any paticular group. I idnetify myself with the Odin Brotherhood, but I am a solitary in my practice. There are of course several groups out there for those that seek them. Holding rites with a group of people of the folk faith is most powerful and the bond that unites the folk in that way is an awesome thing. BUT, I prefer the solitary practice alone in the woods and mountains where I may commune with my gods and goddeses alone.

5. What separates Odinism from other Pagan (Germanic NeoPaganism) religions?

This will depend on wether they are folkish or not, and I will state that the main focus is that in the names of the various dieties you will see reflected the groups slant. Wodan, Odhinn and Odin for instance. We are all realted, but I find Odinism to be the more outspoken and more advanced vanguard of the faith if you will. Others may disagree. It will depend on who you talk to, all have diffrent views.

6. Are there any notable Odinists that have influenced you?

Steven MacNallen perhaps. I do know of others, but I have found the asatru Folk Alliance at times to have good articles. I will direct you to Wodanesdag Press and the group there though. They provided me with the first Thors hammer and literature I bought years ago.

7. How did you find out about Odinism? 

What brought you to it? I have always reveered the ancestors and read the lore since I was a child. I believe it is best noted that I bellieve Odin brought me to the faith by awakening his essence within. OTher than that, I stumbled accorss various groups and literature in my search for the same.

8. Who can become an Odinist? 

Anyone I would say, but I must provide a bit of explanation here: I am folkish and believe that we of the ancestry have a predisposition to it. Others should search their own roots and folk faiths. Odin Chooses his own, but I believe we of the folk are the ones that are the true Odinists. I will alow that Odin will choose as he desires, but for me? I believe you must be of the folk to be a true Odinist. A wise native American friend of mine once told a seeker that he was welcome to learn and become a part of his faith. BUT, that his own roots and ancestry are where he should look first for here is where his essence lies. I concur.

9. Is Odinism anti-Christianity? What is your view on Christianity and Christianity throughout history?

Odinism is not in effect anti-christian in essence of it's views. As a folkish person, I believe Judeo/christianity is best left to the desert lands where it arose. It is however antagonistic to our folk and faith. We have a history of animosity. IT has not been a good relationship. I reject it and advance our faith, but it may be as it is... I have no concern for it. I am an odinist. Where it is against my faith, I stand against it. I advance our own faith. Let others do as they wish. I am an odinist.

10. How is Odinism misrepresented in the world?

As nazism and white supremacy. See 11.

11. Why is white supremacy and neo-nazism associated with Odinism? What is your stance on this?

Due to the rape of our folk faith and usurping of the same by bigoted folks and the NSDAP. Our fiath goes well beyond NSDAP but the ones that perverted it's essence have stained our faith in teh modren era. That is a travesty that effects all of us. This is my personal opinion. OFr another, you may wish to check out WOTANS Folk. THey will see it diffrently....

Hope this helps. 

Comments (2)

Geirrod the Ruthless said

at 3:13 pm on Dec 2, 2009

A lot of Odinists believe for, say, a Chinese person to be an Odinist is ridiculous because Chinese have their own folk faith. Its like when yuppie's try to be native americans.

Also, Ravenwolf gave me a ton of useful information about folkish vs. universalist, religious discrimination against Odinists, and a bunch of stuff I am going to use for my project

Skallagrimssonr said

at 3:24 pm on Nov 19, 2009

This interview can be summed up in a single sentence. In Ravenwolf's own words: "I believe all should look at their own roots and ancestry to connect to the folk faiths of their ancestors." Ravenwolf seems to be more of a Folkist than an Odinist, for our purposes. He is an Odinist because he believes his ancestors are Odinists, an Odinist by chance (or fate). The same is true for Ufhedinn. For these two, Odinism is more of a religion, but for Osgot, Odinism is more of a philosophy or lifestyle.

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