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The Viking World Cookbook

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Traditional Viking Foods

Recipes in this section include not only those that are known to be dishes that the Vikings ate, but also recipes that use ingredients that are considered authentic to the Viking diet.


Viking-Themed Dishes

Looking for the perfect cheesy Viking food for a theme party? The recipes in this section are in no way authentic to the Viking diet or lifestyle. Mostly, they use Viking names as puns to create a Viking-themed soup, sandwich, dessert, etc.


Modern Scandinavian Recipes

These recipes come from the regions where Vikings once lived. The dishes in this section may be considered traditional, but all are prepared today in many kitchens in the Scandinavian region and by descendents in other countries.


The Viking Cooking Experience

Documented accounts of recipe trials.


Viking Food Links

I was planning on writting a brief paper on the food of the Vikings, but as I am running short on time, I have decided to included summaries from some of the best Viking food sources on the internet. All of the information I had compiled came from the following four sources.


Seving Viking foodHurstwic: Viking Daily Living

This site has a wealth of knowledge on Viking food. Topics include: What kind of food, preservation, preparation, utensils and cookware, who cooked, and nutrition just to name a few. Very thorough and easy to relate. The most interesting section is towards the bottom, "Norse Era Nutrition" where the author simulates a typical Viking diet and relates it to modern man's nutritional needs.


Viking Foodstuffs

Foodstuffs takes a look at the types of food that was available in each region of scandinavia when the Vikings were around. This information is collected from archeological digs.


Viking Answer Lady

The Viking Answer Lady's article on food is superb. This and the Hurstwic site are the greatest sources of information on Viking food that I could find; Both websites share much of the same information (what kind, preparation, preservation, etc). One cool thing about this page in particular:  The Answer Lady takes lines from Viking literature that relate to food to hypothesize eating habbits of the people.


Food of the Vikings

This page has a very brief overview of food in Viking times. It goes into food in celebrations and social gatherings, which is an area in which the other sites fell short. 

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James Arrick said

at 2:42 pm on Dec 14, 2009

I am going to use both of those links if no one minds. Thanks!!!

Nicholas Klassen said

at 10:31 am on Dec 7, 2009


This is that video about eating the traditional viking dish, rotten shark. Yum!

Kaðlín Jódís Foesbane said

at 1:25 pm on Dec 4, 2009

Here is a link to the first part of a series on youtube. It discusses delicacies in different cultures and includes the icelandic vikings.


Geirrod the Ruthless said

at 12:40 pm on Dec 4, 2009

From Nick: gotmead.com has the origins of mead in Viking culture, recipes, and a poem.

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