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Siggeir was the king of Gautland.  He asked Volsung for Signy’s hand in marriage, and Volsung gave it to him despite Signy’s trepidation.  The reception of the wedding was held at King Volsung’s hall.  During the celebration, Odin arrives disguised and unknown to anyone at the party (Signy is Odin’s great-great-granddaughter).  Odin sank a sword into the trunk of a tree and proclaimed, “He who draws the sword out of the trunk shall receive it from me as a gift, and he himself shall prove that he has never carried a better sword than this one.”  Many noble men attempt to pull the sword loose, but only Sigmund is able.  Siggeir attempts to buy it off of Sigmund, but Sigmund tells him that he is not meant to carry the sword, and basically that he is a wuss (Byock 39).  (Harkens back to Arthurian legend).


Siggeir eventually plots revenge against Sigmund and Volsung, and his plans are betrayed by his newly-wed wife, Signy.  However, Siggeir succeeds in slaying Volsung and imprisoning all of her ten brothers. 


Siggeir is eventually killed in a fire set by Sigmund and Sinfjotli, the son of Signy and Sigmund.


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